World Quilt Show 2017 – 2018

I am extremly proud to announce that I have a quilt going to the ‘World Quilt Chanpinonships’ in the USA!

My quilt ‘Blue Cabin’ has been chosen to exhibit with 38 other British quilters in a show which tours the States.

My quilt will hang on display during the event from August 18 – 20 in Manchester, New Hampshire. The quilts will tour the United States and will also be displayed at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza (Greater Philadelphia Area) in September, and in October at the Pacific International Quilt Festival (San Francisco Bay Area) and at World Quilt Florida in Orlando, Florida in January 2017.

I wish I could go with it – but due to work I am unable to attend…maybe next year!


Just keep sewing…just keep sewing…


Its been a mad few weeks recently, sewing up smaller projects ready to give a talk to a group of quilters next week. I had so many ‘unfinished’ projects which just needed a bit of time to complete. This always takes longer than I anticipate but gives a great sense of achievment at the end when I see lovly things finished.

I have also been working on my ‘Predominantly purple’ challenge. I set the challenge to make something out of mostly pruple fabric. My quilt is based on purple and one gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabric to accent the purple. I used a simple log cabin block in order to create the pattern, and went for a ‘scrappy look’.


I have also been working really hard to get some of my big quilt together and organised ready for Festival of Quilts…. its very slow!

I have now decided on a layout and have had to make some adjustments and alterations to my design in order for it to flow together…

Here is the first section…..


Baby quilt

Very occasionally I make quilts which aren’t really complex and time-consuming…this is one of them. A friend asked for a baby quilt for a grandchild, so i raided my stash of cute girlie fabrics and created this little cot quilt.

Machine pieced, machine quilted.


A nice surprise..

I logged onto my e-mails this morning, and to my surprise there was an e-mail from the organisers of Festival of Quilts, Upper street events, with an advert to book tickets for the August show…and my quilt is on the picture used for this advertising!


My quilt ‘Blue cabin’ can just be seen peeping out on the right of the image.


Blue cabin



‘In the spotlight’ FOQ 2017

This is my first ‘Blog’ post on my website – very exciting!

I thought I would include you on the journey of my latest quilt, I am currently working on a piece which will go into the Festival of quilts 2017. I was very fortunate to be selected to represent region 5 of the Quilters Guild in the ‘in the spotlight exhibition’. This year the theme is “There’s no place like home”.

My initial ideas for this were all over the place, with ideas of wizard of oz, houses, foundations of my house….but i decided to go more traditional and stick with the union jack. I feel this represents my home, i am quite patriotic and i have pride in our flag. Ive used the colours, Red, White and Blue to create a design based on log cabin blocks and pineapple log cabin blocks.

I hand drafted the design on paper and then started to sew!

Its very slowly coming together and i will update my progress on here over the next few months – so keep an eye out.